This is truly just insane! I think the same can be said for this entire winter so far, if we could even call it that. The whole state of Minnesota for the most part has seen anything but an average winter, with very little snow and just a few cold days.

In Duluth, we've also been spared a real Northland winter. We haven't had a big snowstorm and we've been spoiled with well above average temperatures for most of the year so far.

What's This Winter Been Like In Duluth?

Don't believe me? One golf course in Cloquet actually opened for the first weekend of March. That's how nice it was! At the time of writing, Duluth is set to hit a high of 60 degrees today. Yup.

In terms of snow, we've barely had any of that either. WDIO put this whole weird winter season into perspective the other day, sharing how much snow we've had so far this winter and how far that deviates from our average.

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What Insane Weather Record Did Duluth Just Hit?

WDIO shared a tweet on Sunday (March 10th), writing that up to that point, we'd only seen about 19 inches of snow. The average for Duluth up to that point in the season is about 36 inches.

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That's not the crazy part, though. The insane Part is that, according to their statistics, even if things picked up and we see a normal winter for the rest of the season, this would still be Duluth's least snowy winter on record. Wow.

This winter would be unusual no matter what, but it feels even more so considering last winter was our snowiest winter ever. It feels like we never got a break whatsoever from the cold and the snow.

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This winter, Mother Nature is making it up to us by giving us mild conditions all around. A downside to this mild winter is that businesses that rely on snow and such are struggling. Hopefully we can meet somewhere in the middle next winter.

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