The Duluth Transit Authority recently implemented its Better Bus Blueprint. The new routes eliminated some stops, moved others, and changed schedules. Flyers were posted at affected bus stops ahead of the change, and media advertisements were also aired on TV and radio stations to alert riders.

What's the reason behind the Better Bus Blueprint? Here's the reason according to the DTA:

This new system is a culmination of partnerships with community stakeholders, expert consultants, and large sets of data. We are very excited to match the contemporary needs and travel patterns of the community with a bus service that lines up with what is needed. Simplified routing, consistent weekend route times, and higher frequencies are the ingredients to get more folks where they want to be.


Two weeks into the new routes, the Duluth Transit Authority posted some continuous improvement changes. After seeing how the routes worked and gathering feedback they have decided to make the following changes that will be implemented in 3 to 4 weeks time.

  • Weekday Route 101 (Blue Line) will have a slight increase in time between buses (15-20 minutes). Evening trips will be every 20 minutes, which is a change from 30-minute times. There will be a new Blue Line Stop at Maurices Corporate building in Downtown Duluth.
  • Weekday Route 102 (Green Line) will also have a slight increase in time between buses (15-20 minutes). Evening trips will also increase to every 20 minutes. New Green Line stops will be added to 3rd Avenue East & Superior Street.
  • Weekday Route 103 will have adjustments made to the schedule to reduce late trips and better connect to transfers. When the road construction in Gary is completed, this will help alleviate issues.
  • Weekday Route 110 will add a trip from Superior to Duluth. The bus will leave the Superior Walmart at 6:03 a.m. and arrive at the Duluth Transit Center at 6:25 a.m.
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There has been some feedback online, and the DTA welcomes it. Some riders in Billings Park are unhappy that the bus no longer has a route in the Superior Neighborhood. Others have said that upper West Duluth is underserved.

The DTA says they will continue to monitor changes, gather feedback, and make continuous improvements.

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