You may be planning your golden years and that future may involve a stay in Minnesota rather than jetting off somewhere warm. If that's the case for you, you will definitely want to take this all into consideration.

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Believe it or not, Minnesota actually does offer a relatively low cost of living according to Nasdaq. Compared to the rest of the country, we also have low crime rates and a ton of scenic nature to get out into.

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So which Minnesota cities should you head to when you start cashing in on your Social Security? According to this report, couples should each get about $3,580 a month. Yes, this report is for couples putting their Social Security together each month.

From there, Nasdaq looked at Minnesota cities to see which ones a couple could live comfortable in within that price range. Pack those moving boxes but keep out those winter coats!

Which City Is Number One And Why?

Drumroll, please! Rochester came in at number one on the list. When it comes to average rent, cost of living each month and other factors that make the city livable, Rochester came in at number one.

  • According to Nasdaq, the average rent in Rochester is $1,100.49 a month.
  • The average monthly cost of living is about $2,715.17. Very specific!
  • The 'livability' score is 91 out of 100!
Downtown Rochester, MN reflecting in the South Fork Zumbro River

What Else Makes Rochester The Best For This?

Here's what Nasdaq says overall about Rochester coming in at the top spot:

Rochester tops Coon Rapids — and the rest of the cities in our top 10 — on livability with a strong score of 91 from AreaVibes. It’s also attractive to retired couples on tight budgets for financial reasons, with an average monthly rent of about $1,100 and average total monthly living costs just over $2,700.

Coon Rapids, as mentioned, came in at number two. Fergus Falls, Sartell and Austin round out the top five. Sadly, there is no mention of Duluth on the list. It would be a fun place to retire but might be tough on a small budget.

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Sure, we have four seasons and most of them are cold but Minnesota is definitely overlooked when it comes to retirement. Who doesn't want a great sense of community and delicious tater tot hot dish year round?

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