Well, here's something you don't hear about everyday. Cops were called and assistance requested after one Minnesotan lost their donkey and needed help getting it back where it belonged. Oddly enough, this seems to be a theme lately.

Earlier this month, the Washington County Sheriff's Office responded to a report of an emu on the loose. They did find the emu, chilling in a random backyard and eating an apple. The emu was safely returned. A rogue pig was also spotted roaming around in Wisconsin earlier this year as well.

Now, we can add a donkey to the list. I came across the amazing story on Twitter, where I follow @MN_Crime, an account that shares the good, the bad and the strange happenings in Minnesota. This one might be my favorite yet.

They shared this story on Saturday (May 20th) in real time, writing that someone called in asking officials to help with traffic while the caller tried to get a donkey back into its pen. This happened in the Afton area. The report was made of a "loose donkey" in that part of the state. Ha!

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The good news? Cops weren't needed in the end. The owner of the rogue donkey was able to get it back in its pen. I would love to have photos of said donkey or have been able to witness something like this because it sounds hilarious. I wonder how the donkey got away in the first time and why this person has a donkey.

Well, this is a story I didn't expect to write about today but I have to say, it gave me a good laugh. Afton is located near St. Paul. I would love to see a loose donkey around here. Ha! Thankfully, this happened in broad daylight around three in the afternoon.

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