Venison lovers won't have to trudge through the woods to get their deer this fall;  for Northlanders, a venison meal is as close as the local Arby's.

The Arby's in Superior and the one in Cloquet are part of the 17 locations in six states that will offer venison sandwiches for a limited time.  Officials with the restaurant hope that they move will help to set them apart from their competitors - offering a meal choice that isn't easy to find in restaurants - especially a fast-food chain.

Each location will offer the sandwich for a certain period of time.  The Superior and Cloquet restaurants are slated to serve venison November 4-6.

The venison sandwich will be served steak-style, topped with french-fried crispy onions.  Although it probably goes without saying, company officials confirm that the meat being used will come from animals raised on a farm - not the wild.