We've just entered spring, but when the Portland Malt Shoppe opens it's doors for business, we are that much closer to Summer.

On their facebook page, the Portland Malt Shoppe announced they are opening April 6th. It really doesn't matter if they publish it or not, everyone seems to know and congregate at the open ordering windows for a taste of Duluth and creamy delights.

According to their website they are open every day 11 a to 8 p, until May 3rd, then the 4th to May 23rd, the hours then are as follows May 25th - August 25th  11a-10p, August 26th - September 15  11a-9p, September 16 - October 13th 11a-8p, October 14th - October 21st 11a-6p. The Portland Malt Shoppe is known for serving up malts, ice cream, and other desserts and treats. On their website they also answer the question why they are called the Portland Malt Shoppe. The neighborhood they are located in used to be called Portland.

The history of the building from their website is, in 1921, the building was built as a gas station for Northwestern Oil Company. Harry and Edith Rogers managed the gas station for many years. In the 1970s, the building was purchased for a small dress boutique called the Portland Village. Following tradition, when we purchased the building in 1989, it became the Portland Malt Shoppe.

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