The excitement in the air when Gordy's Hi-Hat in Cloquet opens in the Spring is equally matched by the sadness when they close for the season in the Fall.  You days to get your faves are seriously numbered.

I'm glad that my daughter Kylee suggested we go there last Wednesday because that when we found out that it may have been our last Gordy's burger for this year.  We pulled in and immediately began the same conversation we do every Fall.  One of us says, "they're closing earlier and earlier every year".  Then, someone will say "no, I think they closed about this time last year".  Then, I relive my memories of eating at Gordy's in the 70's and 80's and tell them that I remember when they use to stay open through deer hunting season because my mom and I use to go there when the guys were at the shack.

Don't let the sign fool you, there was four days left when we were there on Wednesday.  Their official closing date is Sunday, September 11.

Whether you're a fan of their burgers, their huge fish sandwiches, their shakes or those hand breaded onion rings, you best get your "buns" there to experience the last of the best for 2016.  I guess that just leaves us something to look forward to after a long winter!  We'll miss you, Gordy, Marilyn and Dan!  Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces come Spring!