Our GM Mary wanted to celebrate birthdays for the month of March and purchased a cake. This cake was so large, and so I cut into it and it was smoothe, like butter, and felt soft to the touch as I put it on my paper plate. I put a spoonful in my mouth and immediately fell in love and wanted to roll around in it, much like an elephant or rhino does in mud.

The cake was so soft, I imagined it would feel like a really soft cloud and I would fall asleep dreaming about the cake. There are foods so good, I can't stop eating them and I would want to roll around in them.

I posed the questions to Shari, what would she like to dive into or roll around in? Oh come on, stop it with the "OMG is he strange or what?". You know what I'm talking about. You dream about eating it, and you have no control around it. What food do you want to become one with?


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