After the abrupt closing of the Old Country Buffet back in June, people in the Duluth area have been wondering what the next move would be, well it could be another buffet.

According to an article in the Star Tribune, former Vice President of Operations for Old Country Buffet Dale Maxfield is opening a Golden Corral in Maple Grove in Minnesota. Maxfield is opening this new buffet in a location that used to be home to an Old Country Buffet.

Then the article states that "After Maple Grove, Maxfield will open a Golden Corral in Maplewood on Nov. 1. Beyond the metro area, he is considering locations in Mankato, Duluth and Rochester."

One would assume that the location for this Golden Corral would also be in the former location of Old Country Buffet at the Miller Hill Mall. I know some people would be very happy with this. Would you?

Here are 10 things Ian wanted to see at that location.