The Minnesota Vikings are going to have to re-tool the defense and may have to part with several expensive, fan-favorite, players. Danielle Hunter may have to be one of those.

The New York Jets need to do something about their defense and they have some cap space and some draft picks to spend to get some great players. Minnesota might have to have a fire sale of their defense to be able to stay afloat if they decide to keep Kirk Cousins.

Daniel Kelly from SI says it would be a smart move to offer up the first-round pick they have to land a good edge guy. With the caliber player, Hunter is, that might make other good veterans want to play for the Jets. The coach and GM need to do something, they are in the last year of their contract and could be gone if they don't turn the team around.

Even some Viking sites and Facebook pages are saying this could be a good trade for both teams. It would free up space and allow Minnesota to pursue a good rookie and train him. It opens up possibilities for both teams.

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Should Minnesota go for this trade? Is New York serious? That part remains to be seen, it is sure being talked about in Jets fan sites.

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Sportsnaut says Danielle Hunter will be gone and that the Minnesota Vikings should take nothing less than a first-round pick. So, where would he go? Sportsnaut says NY Jets, Jacksonville, Baltimore, and The Texans. All of the trades are for first-rounders except the Texans. That trade is for Deshaun Watson. I don't think that will happen.

Who else will the Vikings have to dump to strengthen the team?

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