Of course that's going to depend on who you ask.  The person that lives for snowmobiling will prefer winter, the beach bum can't get enough summer, the people that like to mow the lawn three times a week can't wait for spring, and the outdoor enthusiasts in-between are cool with whatever.

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Being that I ride a motorcycle, Summer is almost my favorite season in our area, but for the win for me, it's actually Autumn.  For the rest of this I'll call the season Fall, like most everyone I know.

The Fall season technically runs from September 22nd-December 21st, but for our parts I say it's more like September 1st-November 1st.  That's just because we tend to have accumulating snowfall well before late December, and to me, that's winter.  Fall is great for a lot of reasons.  It's actually my favorite for motorcycle riding as it's usually not scorching hot during the peak of the day, and it's not so cold at night that a couple of layers will keep you decently warm.

You also in most years can't beat the Fall colors, though with how dry 2021 has been, we have yet to see how vibrant they will be this year.  The cooler nights of the season are also pretty much the best for having a fire, and those lower temps are great for sleeping with, if you crack a window at night.  If you work outdoors, it's great too as just with the bike riding, it's a couple of layers worst case, but not really any chances of getting frostbite, though you may still need to sunscreen up some days.  Let's not forget bird and deer hunting season too, and along those lines 4-wheeling in the Fall is great, or even just walks in the woods.  What's your favorite season in this area?

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