just finished a study rating U.S. towns and cities to live and work in and make it count.

study of 185 metro cities, the one that topped the list for stretching the buying power of a paycheck is Duluth, Minnesota. They go on to say, “If you want it all — high adjusted salaries, low unemployment today and good future prospects — look instead at Duluth, MN, Wilmington, NC, and Lubbock, TX.”

You will notice by looking at this list, that they didn't include Superior, they call it Duluth MN-WI.

The exciting part of this study says that not only has Duluth pulled out of the darkness, it has a future ahead with jobs and money moving forward, that this isn't the city where you get your education and move on to more money, this may be the place to do it all.

[full article here, including methodology --> / ]

According to the website Duluth's Mayor Emily Larson says, “The rest of the country is catching on to what we’ve always known: Duluth is special. It’s our people, our sense of place, our purchasing power. Our grounded optimism. While it’s possible to live anywhere, Duluth is where you can have a great life.”

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