In the inevitable juxtaposition of punk rock and toy collectibles, Drastic Plastic Collectibles have teamed up with Impact Merchandising to announce the release of a new Iggy Pop bobblehead.

The innovative punk rocker and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer (as a member of the Stooges) has been the subject of movies, books and much press, but this may very well mark the first time he’s been immortalized in plastic.

Quantities of the new bobblehead are limited to 1000 pieces, and a press release assures, “Punk Rock collectibles retain value! Some of the Aggronautics limited edition Throbbleheads have gone for hundreds on eBay in a few months after release!”

The Iggy Pop bobblehead retails for $24.95. It stands seven inches high and is made of durable polyresin. Each limited edition piece comes in numbered packaging, and while the bobblehead’s range of motion may help it accurately recreate Pop’s manic onstage persona, it does not, in fact, mutilate itself, making it far safer for children.

Other collectibles from Drastic Plastic include the Proto Punk combo pack, a James Williamson Guitar God figure, and the Wayne Kramer Guitar God figure.

Order your Iggy Pop bobblehead at this link.

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