I became an  Amazon Prime member back when they were the bomb. Prices were cheap and the free two day shipping was great! It's certainly not that way anymore. Prices on many items are lower locally, many Prime items are no longer in the Prime category, and the two day free shipping is now closer to four or five days. In short, it's a jokeAmazon has gone the way of many other giant companies who've ventured into uncharted waters they know nothing about. Why do they do that? Diversification. What a foolish move. According to an article in the Huffington Post, they have failed to excite the buying public with the last three items they've released.

Amazon wants to be everything to everybody, while releasing much touted products nobody is buying, increasing the Prime membership from $79 to $99 dollars, not living up to their two day free shipping policy, providing a video service for Prime members that can't come close to Netflix, and raising prices on items all the while. Looks like the beginning of the end to me.