Husky Refinery will continue to use Hydrogen Fluoride at its site in Superior - even after scrutiny from the community and local government officials following the April 2018 fire that consumed the property and led to evacuations.  However, they will add additional safety precautions to the rebuilt facility.

The news was included as part of an update about the refinery rebuilding process on their website.  The Calgary-based company says that they are making progress on the site, with demolition work under way at the present time.  Once that demolition is finished, Husky anticipates having crews on site to rebuild as early as the Fall of 2019.

Husky's plans for additional safety features include the following:

  • A Rapid Acid Transfer System, that can be activated in the event of a leak to quickly transfer HF into an independent secure holding tank.
  • Additional layers of water mitigation. The Superior Refinery currently has a water system that includes a dedicated curtain for the HF tank and two water cannons, which are a highly effective method of addressing hydrofluoric acid vapors. Additional curtains, pumps and water cannons are being proposed.
  • Enhanced leak detection, including a dedicated area laser detection system and additional cameras.

At it's peak, Husky Refinery employs around 200 people at it's Superior facility - with an annual payroll of $22.5 million.  They anticipate using local contractors as part of the rebuilding process, with 350 jobs projected at the peak of construction.

A public meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 16th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Superior Middle School


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