I love Hugh Laurie, I love House, and I love the blues. That being said, I had occasion to hear some of the tracks on "Let Them Talk." Not good, not bad, just sort of so- so. Was I disappointed? Yeah. Do I own a copy? Yeah, and I'll tell you why. While listening to the songs, I don't hear them so much as  I picture in my minds eye, a man thoroughly enjoying himself while he sings. That it itself is worth the price of "Let Them Talk."

Let's face it: Hugh Laurie is probably not the first person who comes to mind when you think of New Orleans.Yet there the House star is, on PBS, starring in the September Great Performances special Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk - a Celebration of New Orleans Blues. And he won't just be hosting -- he's singing and playing the piano with Irma Thomas, Tom Jones and Allen Toussaint, among other New Orleans stars. It was, he says, a dream come true.

via Hugh Laurie happily sings the blues - Live From - USATODAY.com.