The Fitger's 5K is set to happen on Saturday.  In order to accommodate the runners, some streets in the area will see temporary closures and detours.

The following information comes from the Duluth Police Department:


This Saturday, April 19th, 2014 beginning at 8:30 a.m. traffic will be diverted from portions of Superior Street in Downtown Duluth, Lake Avenue and Railroad Street for the Fitger’s 5K Foot Race.

Motorists should obey temporary “No Parking” areas on the LOWER side of Superior Street from Lake Avenue to 2nd Avenue East, BOTH sides from 2nd to 8th Avenues East, and the West side of Lake Avenue from Railroad Street down to the Aerial Bridge. Violators will be tagged and towed.

Traffic delays will occur for approximately 2 hours as WESTBOUND traffic will be diverted off of Superior Street between 2nd and 8th Avenues East, and EASTBOUND traffic on Superior Street from Lake Avenue to 8th Avenue East. East bound traffic is urged to use 2nd Street. West bound traffic will be allowed on Superior Street from 2nd Avenue East westward, but drivers are urged to use 1st street.

Motorists should be alert for officers directing traffic Downtown, in the Canal Park area and near the DECC.

South Lake Avenue

The 2 up bound lanes on the East side of South Lake Avenue over I-35 will be closed to traffic and used for runners. The 2 down bound lanes on the West side of South Lake Avenue will be coned for 2-way vehicle traffic. The North bound I-35 On-Ramp and South bound I-35 Off-Ramp onto Lake Avenue will both be closed during the race. The North bound I-35 Off-Ramp onto Lake Avenue and the South bound I-35 On-Ramp at Lake Avenue will remain open.

Railroad Street

Railroad Street will be barricaded and signed closed at Garfield Avenue. Vehicles may enter onto Railroad Street at Garfield to access local businesses, but will not be allowed further west than 8th Avenue West, which is the turnaround point of the race.

Slip Ramp Exit to Railroad St

The Slip Ramp Exit onto Railroad Street from North bound I-35 will be closed.


5th Avenue West will be the ONLY access to the DECC.

Canal Park/Park Point

Motorists driving to Canal Park or Park Point can use South Lake Avenue. Canal Park Drive from Railroad Street to Morse Street will be closed briefly during the event.

Fitger’s Ramp/Pickwick Lot

The Fitger’s Ramp and Pickwick Lot will be closed just before the race, and will open immediately after. Traffic should return to normal by approximately 10:30 a.m.

The Fitger’s 5K Race is sponsored by the Fitger’s Brewery Complex and Grandma’s Marathon.


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