Grandma's Marathon is back - for the 36th annual running, with a course than runs from just south of Two Harbors, Minnesota to Canal Park in Duluth.  If you're one of the runners - lucky you:  you get a "front row seat" to all the action.  (Okay - you may not be thinking that after 26 miles, but - you know what I mean).

But, what do you do if you want to be a spectator.  Where is the best place to watch the race and what strategies do you need?

First off, you should ask yourself this question:  Do you want to be at the start of the race or at the end?  Or, would you like to cheer on the runners somewhere along the mid-point?  This is an important question because due to the length of the course and the traffic that goes along with it - choosing your site basically means that that's where you'll be for the marathon.

If it's the starting line that you chose, your route there is the Expressway - which runs parallel to Scenic Highway 61.  No vehicles are allowed with the runners on Scenic Highway 61.  There is no parking along the Expressway, but a limited number of spots are available on the access roads.

Finding a location along the route to watch is usually pretty easy.  Most spectators choose some spot along London Road or on Superior Street.  Just be prepared to park a few blocks away and walk to your destination along the course route.  One other word of advice:  Be aware that you will be walking by or sitting by residential homes and businesses.  Be courteous of that fact and don't trespass where you shouldn't be.  Also, take a moment to pick up any litter that you may have left after the race is over.

Many people like to watch Grandma's Marathon at the finish line in Canal Park.  Canal Park is like "marathon-central" all weekend long, and there's lots to do and see.  Again, just be prepared to park a few blocks away and walk to your destination.  Besides the city streets, Canal Park and the downtown area are well fed with bus lines, trolley cars, the Lake Walk, and the Skywalk system.

For complete details about watching Grandma's Marathon, click here.

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