How many times have you talked about something and it appears as an ad when you are on Facebook or checking your email?

Ehow says to listen to your phone after you finish calls. Some of the tapping devices or apps are used as a mic or speaker, so you will hear sounds later or your phone sounds will sound louder. If there is noting on your phone, when you end the call, it ends with no noise. When you are talking, Ehow says check your radio and TV, sometimes these devices are tracking you too and they will interfere with your signal to those items.

USA Today ran a story Kim Komando wrote for them that said hackers can get into your smart TV and listen to you. She also says to be careful because Alexa listens too.

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Consumer Reports says it's impossible and there is no proof of it. They even cited a study done by Northeastern University where they analyzed 17,000 apps and couldn't prove any of them were listening or using them to record any information. Wandera, a mobile security company, focused on high-end apps like  Amazon, Chrome, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and found there was no spying or recording.

In an article featured by DJ Digital, he said Apple's new iOS14 update comes with dots that light up on the top of your iPhone to let you know if your camera (green dot) or your microphone (orange dot). If you have an Android phone there are indicators on there too, you can access the information page on Google Play.

Spying Ninja says the easiest way to detect spying apps is to open your settings., go to applications, and choose to manage applications or running services.If you see any apps you haven't installed, especially ones that are running in the background, get rid of them.

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