January 1, 2017 will mark a new chapter in Presidential politics in the State of Minnesota.  Historically, the state has chosen their nominees by using a caucus system - a plan that has come under scrutiny the last few election cycles.  With the passage of new legislation that takes place in 2017, Minnesota will now join the majority of other states that use the primary system.

Critics of the caucus system say that would-be-participants often find the process confusing and therefore they skip the event all together.  Proponents suggest that more people will take part in a primary election - which is more familiar in nature to everyone.

Along with the obvious physical change to the system, a move to a primary election will also shift responsibility - both in the operations and financially - to the state's budget.  With a caucus system, the political parties staffed, operated, and paid the expenses to nominate their Presidential candidate choice;  a primary election will be operated by the Minnesota Secretary of State's office.