Here are a few things to think about that would have changed the game on Sunday.

Had Carlson made the first kick, the Vikings QB Kirk Cousins could have taken a knee at the end of the game after wasting the clock.

Had he made the second one, and the third one, the game would have been over. What is the list of things the Minnesota Vikings use in order to decide on a kicker? Kai Forbath was let go because he was not accurate in the pre-season.

We let Blair Walsh go before him because he wasn't accurate. Many times we were burnt by his kicking leg, the Vikings could have beaten Seattle had Blair Walsh made one of his kicks.

So, back to Carlson. Is Coach Mike Zimmer making phone calls already? I know it's a hard job, I can't do it, and it seems neither can Daniel Carlson. I give him credit for being out there, but he has to make these. Nowadays, anything within 50 yards is what any kicker can make.

I give him a lot of credit for answering the press too.

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