The peppers we generally refer to as "green peppers" are actually Bell Peppers and contrary to their name aren't all that "peppery" in taste.  They generally come in four colors:  Red, orange, yellow, and the ubiquitous green. But how do you pick one out at the store?

First - you need to determine what you're planning on doing with the Bell Pepper:  Are you eating it raw or cooking with it?  Then flip the pepper over.  You'll find that your Bell Pepper either has three or four points on the bottom.  The three bump peppers are male and those with four are female.  If you're planning on eating the Bell Pepper raw, choose the female variety.  Although they contain more seeds, the flesh is sweeter in nature.  The male variety includes less seeds but is slightly more-bitter in flavor and makes for a better pepper to cook with.

To learn more about Bell Peppers, click here.


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