When you say the word Blizzard, Northern People tend to flinch a little bit because we all think it's a weather condition.

It's a DQ Blizzard that can help children. At participating DQ locations across the nation, it's Miracle Treat Day on July 28th, $1 from each Blizzard sold will be donated to the local Children’s Miracle Network  Hospitals. For us in Minnesota, it goes to the Gillette Children's Hospital in Minneapolis and to the Gillette Clinic in Duluth for treatments and appointments.

Which stores are participating?  According to the DQ website, the Dairy Queen store on Hwy 33in Cloquet, Tower Avenue in Superior, the Miller Trunk store in Hermantown, and in Duluth the one on Market Street just off Haines Road, and the Dairy Queen on Grand Avenue.

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Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provide care to over 10 million-plus children each year. Regardless of why the kids are there, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals always have their doors open, and DQ franchisees are helping them stay that way.

According to the DQ website, each year, the DQ system donates millions to local children's hospitals across the U.S. and Canada. All contributions are made to local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals like our clinic in Duluth or the Gillette Children's Hospital in Minneapolis to directly help kids in your community.

Heather Norris is from this area and it helps her with her wheelchair and upgrades, seeing a doctor, getting treatment, helping to purchase a special vehicle so she can get around, and so much more. Don't forget, Miracle Treat Day is July 28th.

Heather Norris used with permission
Heather Norris used with permission

DQ has raised millions of dollars over the years, if you would like to donate directly you can do so on the DQ Miracle Treat Day website. Dairy Queen's chain has teamed up with the children's hospital group on other local initiatives too and your Blizzard helps pay for it.

Kids can get care with things like Physical Therapy, or a custom-made chair, arm, skull cap, or leg. There's even a special room that evaluates the way they walk so that things can be made to help kids to walk better or heal their back, to help design orthotics or other things to help kids live a normal life. I have witnessed it.

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