Everyone is trying to do their part to not go crazy and try to help each other out with cabin fever.

Buck It Up Brass decided to put on a concert for their neighbors. A friend went outside to film the group playing. As you can see in the video the neighbors came out and danced, sang, and watched with smiles on their faces. The group just wanted to put smiles on everyone's faces. People have been couped up in the house and they just wanted to share their talent and have some fun themselves.

Buck It Up Brass tells me they are made up of 7 members, but as you can see in the video, not the whole group was out there performing.

I talked to Abby, their drummer, and she said they met by playing together at Valleyfair and went by the name the "Benchwarmerz" in Shakopee, MN. They decided they had great chemistry and had fun playing brass instruments together and started playing some of their own music and arrangements.

Abby told me the name "Buck It Up" came from the band's favorite card game, buck, which they would often play on breaks.

The Buck It Up Brass also won the 2019 Minneapolis Busking Competition and said playing on the street is nothing new.

Members of the Buck It Up Band

Eric Barnes - Trombone
Alan Jermiason - Trumpet
Laura Lunde - Sousaphone
Abby Mason - Drums
Zach Miller - Saxophone
Andrew Peterson - Drums
Jacob Schuelke - Trumpet

Here's the group playing live.

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