We were on vacation last week and we finally had time to check out Virginia's new mini golf course. Greens On Foreteenth is an 18-hole mini golf course located just a few blocks from Highway 53 and 169 intersections in an industrial area of Virginia. The place was hopping! Tons of families were out in the middle of a weekday in August.

I really liked the course! It was in great shape and it had a lot to offer. There were plenty of slopes and dips, and some fun featured holes. We even had a few hole-in-ones in our group!

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I've been getting pretty serious about golfing this last year, and I thought why not take the same approach to mini golf? So I did a hole-by-hole review of this golf course. Make sure to study this so you can be the pro in your group when you visit Greens On Foreteenth.

Hole By Hole Review of Greens On Foreteenth Mini Golf

Who doesn't love mini golf? We just tried the newest mini golf spot on the Iron Range and had a blast! Here's a hole-by-hole review of Greens On Foreteenth.

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