What's better than a long holiday weekend?  How 'bout a long holiday weekend with all of your favorite tunes!

Rubik's Cubes.  Parachute pants.  VCR's.  Atari consoles.  The 1980's meant a whole lot of things to many people.  And this weekend - KOOL 101.7 gives you the chance to relive the decade in style!

It's an All 80's Weekend - all weekend long!  The kick-off happens Thursday, July 4 at 6:00 AM and runs all the way through Sunday evening, July 7 at 9:00 PM.  The extended fun has been programmed in conjunction with the Independence Day holiday.

So whether you were the pinned pants, designer jean, and roller derby aficionado or the "let's play another round of Oregon Trail on the Apple computer"-style of person, this weekend will have something just for you.  We'll even dig deep into the vaults to dust-off some "forgotten favorites" that deserve to be heard again.

Listen live now! Tap one of the buttons below to listen.

No need to set your VCR; just tune in to KOOL 101.7 all weekend long to enjoy your favorite hits (and some forgotten ones) from the 1980's!  We'll be your guide!

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