Ranch-flavored potato chips are nothing new; but to lovers of the flavor, nothing beats Hidden Valley Ranch - the originator of the dressing style back in the 1950's.  Well - fear not Ranch lovers - now you can buy Hidden Valley Ranch potato chips!

POP! Gourmet is debuting the flavored wavy-style chips to grocery stores in select test markets.  The chips made their initial debut at a food show back in May of 2018.  After a while, the chips will become available all across the country; they're also introducing Hidden Valley Ranch-flavored popcorn at the same time.

If you can't wait, the products are available by ordering online on the popgourmetpopcorn.com website.  A quick survey of the website shows that the company already has some tie-ins to some of America's favorite condiments - including Tajin and Sriracha.

POP! Gourmet was created to cater to the gourmet popcorn and chip market, with award-winning and innovative products that pack a lot of flavor.



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