Former Hermantown native Drew LeBlanc stepped on the ice as a Chicago Blackhawk. I was pretty excited for him but then I found out because he joined the team late he won't be skating in the playoffs, but he will skate for the team  April 26 against Calgary and April 27 against St. Louis.

According to the Northland's News Center, LeBlanc's first NHL shift featured a goal scored against his team, coming after the former Hermantown star battled in the corner and came to the high slot to try and block a shot.

Hockey players are given a rating based on how many goals they score while on the ice or how many are scored against them while on the ice. Because he wasn't on the ice for one of his team's four goals, LeBlanc finished the game with a minus-one rating. He did log 12 minutes of ice time though.

The win was a good thing, Chicago has the most points for the regular season and so it wrapped up the Presidents' Trophy.

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