Every sport has a winner, and usually, I try to figure out how to choose the winner. My theory is that the team with the strongest storyline wins the prize. After 9/11, the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2002. A team with a very American overtone. The 2001 World Series? You would think New York Yankees. No, they did not have the strongest storyline. The Arizona Diamondbacks had two soon to be Hall Of Fame pitchers as well as many guys on the team who had never won a World Series.

When Katrina took New Orleans and decimated it, New Orleans won the Super Bowl. I told everyone that even with Brett Favre, the Vikings wouldn't do it. I even knew in 1998 when the Vikings went 15-1 that Atlanta would beat them, they had the "Dirty Bird" a stronger storyline that year.

So, this brings me to this year, there are many storylines, but the strongest is the Vikings. No team that hosted a Super Bowl has ever placed as high in the standings. No host team has ever made it to the Super Bowl. The team has made it using backups and undrafted talent. If you haven't noticed, the media is concentrating on all the other teams because they are big market teams.

That is why I think the Minnesota Vikings are going to win!!

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