Burger, brat, hot dog, and French fry fans that like to mix their ketchup and mayo into a dipping sauce - rejoice!  Heinz has heard you and is making your combination a little easier!  According to news sources, Heinz - the leading condiment manufacturer in the United States - will roll out their branded "mayochup" later this month.  The product will be available in test markets at first, with a nationwide plan to follow.

The move follows an earlier introduction in the Middle East.  Someone on social media posted a picture of the bottle sold there and fans in the United States went crazy - pleading with Heinz to make it also available in this country.

To solicit interest, Heinz set up an online poll.  After determining that there was enough desire for pre-mixed mayonaise and ketchup in America, the company followed up with a social media poll to determine which cities should be used as a test.  Those initial cities will see the product hit their store shelves towards the end of September, with the nationwide distribution closely following that.


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