20 years after Huey Lewis and the News owned the Top 40 charts, They release an original tune, "Her Love Is Killing Me". It's been ten years since they've recorded together.

According to Datebook, Huey Lews has been touring sporadically, due to his hearing loss. You would think his hearing loss was due to the loud monitors or headphones in the studio, but doctors diagnosed Lewis with Meniere’s disease, an inner-ear disorder with no known cause, no known cure and no treatment.

The song is produced by the band, just like the old days. The line up consists of founding members drummer Bill Gibson, sax and rhythm guitarist Johnny Colla and keyboardist Sean Hopper and recorded at Trout Farm Studios that they own in San Rafael. It also has the bay area sound that they helped establish back in the day.

Huey Lewis retired from live performing because of his hearing but according to Datebook, he said he wanted to put out new material.



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