We are starting to get into the time of the year when our houses are warm and the outside is cold, and the creatures want in.

We have a mouse problem at our stations and we try many different things to trap them and get them out, but they always seem to come back. Refarmacy gave me some ideas.

Inspect the area. According to the website, inspect the openings and see if there is evidence of their entry. Tracks, droppings, gnaw marks, torn bits of paper.

Clean the area. Sometimes it just helps to clean the area. If you have a lot of food particles or store a lot of food in the garage you will have a problem. Keep your kitchen clean, both at the vacation home and at your home.

Mice can and will find their way into openings in your home and garage. Use aluminum foil to cover up some openings. Aluminum foil is like Kryptonite to them. This stops them from chewing through cardboard.

Soak cotton balls in peppermint oil. then put those cotton balls in your camper, garage or anywhere in your home that you may have found mice. You can also use garlic or hot peppers. You can also tape dryer sheets around openings or cracks. You can use this to keep them out and if you choose the peppermint oil, it helps your space to smell good. You can also use soap, especially Irish Spring, because of the potent nice smell of the bar.

The point is mice like heat and will then start to look for things to eat and nest. Don't give them those things.


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