This year more than ever, I am seeing people on social media saying they are cleaning out their friend list, and unfriending people with opposite political views.

I think things are worse with people judging other people on the internet. A little impromptu poll I took with Northlanders showed that people are willing to drop a friend on social media if their political or religious views were different. They were ok with the person till they started posting or criticized their beliefs.

The Guardian says you should be friends with anyone who has a differing opinion and learn why they have those beliefs. That when you have a variety of friends you become more well rounded. I find you can't do that because people aren't willing to yield that you have an opinion and some people treat it as fact. That you are arguing facts and not opinions.

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Oddessy Online brings up a good point. If you continue to unfriend people because they have different thoughts, political beliefs, or different views on something you hold dear, that you will only have people of similar outlooks and you don't learn anything in life and you don't understand any opposing view on what you are compassionate about.

I seem to have found the happy middle. I tell my friends that I may not agree with their views, and they are allowed to have them and talk about them, but they can't expect to change my mind or shove it down my throat. That's when I have enough.

Without opposing views, we wouldn't have some of the inventions in our lives or music. If McCartney/Lennon agreed on everything they wouldn't have written some of the gems they did. Even the Beatles, they didn't agree on anything and some consider them to be the greatest.

I think the problem is some people don't allow others to have their own opinions.

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