The work days through and it's time to let off some steam -  where do you head with your friends?  The best Happy Hours are careful combination of drink and appetizer specials and atmosphere.  (Although - location may play a large role, too).

We did a little preliminary survey work to come up with 16 establishments that seem to always draw an after-work crowd.  Now, we'd like you to place your votes.

*We are not listing out the happy hour specials for each bar because of specials changing at different bars at different times.

The first round of the Happy Hour Showdown will pair off potential establishments against each other for one day of voting;  this opening round will run March 6 through March 15.  Then - during Round Two - we'll partner-up the winners with two-day voting periods, March 16-23.  Round Three will run two days for each match-up, March 24-27.  The Final Round will happen March 28-31, with a winner being announced on April 3.

Voting will occur using an embedded poll on the graphic that's displayed down below.  To keep it fair, you're only allowed to vote once per match-up and midnight is the end time for all dates.  If you want to follow along, the interactive bracket will let you.

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