Last week I posted on the filthiest item in the average  household. Today it's the filthiest surface in a restaurant. When I lived in New England, I was on the Board Of Health, and I learned a lot from that experience. The Board of Health in many cities and states make an annual inspection, and many notify the restaurant when they plan to come. Personally, I would like to see a monthly unannounced inspection of all business's that serve food, however I don't believe that will happen.

According to a report by The Daily, ABC News did an undercover investigation of 10 restaurants in 3 states which remain unnamed.. Results were analyzed by experts in the microbiology department of New York University. Here's what they found.

Seats, or chair seats are the filthiest surface in a restaurant by far. Fully seventy percent of seats tested had bacteria on them, including E.coli. It seems many restaurants do not think to sanitize their seats.The second biggest culprit was the menus, which experts found were loaded with staph bacteria. Even tuberculosis germs were found on drinking glasses.

I would have thought bathroom doorknobs, door handles, etc. would have been among the top violators, along with salt & pepper dispensers, mustard & ketchup bottles, and salad bar tongs but researchers say even though they were cleaned regularly, they still made the list.

With the huge number of people who dine out, it's virtually impossible for any food establishment to remain germ free, and most do their best to provide a clean and healthy environment for all. You and I can do a few things on our own in the prevention department. Wash your hands frequently, and the use of hand sanitizers would also be of help. Many restaurants even provide them for you.


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