While it may not directly affect consumers from the grocery store shelves, it's worth noting that there is a seasoned ground beef recall specifically tied to the Taco Bell Restaurant distribution chain.  The United States Department of Agriculture has alerted the general public to the fact that some of the product included in the recall may contain what they label "extraneous materials, specifically metal shavings".

While the total amount of affect product is unclear at this time, there is a timeline for production; the affected seasoned ground beef was produced between September 20 to October 4, 2019 - and have "use by dates" of “L2 11/4/19” to “L2 11/18/19" - according to the USDA's website. The products also bear the establishment number “EST. 10130” on the case.

While there have been no direct reports of medical issues connected to the product at this time, there is a concern - due to it's production and use-by dates - that a substantial amount of it is sitting in refrigerated coolers at various restaurant locations throughout the country.  News sources are reporting that Taco Bell believes that they have all of the suspected affected product from restaurant locations.

Direct action from the USDA is aimed at restaurant operators, however the agency is making sure that the general public is aware of the situation as well.


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