Somewhere along the line I missed the emergence of this food fad.  It seems that the latest craze in the produce section is "grapples" - which are grape-flavored apples.

According to MarketWatch, Grapples (pronounced grape-ells) are an annual treat that's quickly growing in popularity, especially when it comes to children. The seasonal items, which are sold from October through May, begin as Washington State Gala apples or Fuji apples. The apples are bathed in a patented mix of Concord grape flavor and water. The Grapple brand's website boasts that the process does not add sugar or calories to the apples. The apples also maintain their red color. Currently, they are sold in packs of four at $2.99-$3.99 each.

Although it sounds crazy, other food combinations have worked in the past.


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