Grandma's Marathon is getting bigger and better all the time. I met with Bob Gustafson from Grandma's Marathon to talk about the Great Lakes Marathon Series. Something new to help our marathon here and others as well as raise awareness about and for the Great Lakes.

You can sign up and become a member even if you don't run, if you do, this is another fun way to add some variety to your running. Learn more about the land around you and maybe network a little bit.

According to the Great Lakes Marathon Series Website, The Great Lakes Marathon Series is a collaboration of 25 marathons that take place along the 5 Great Lakes. The goal of this series is to invite the running world to come and enjoy the unique beauty of each race, while simultaneously raising awareness of conservation and restoration efforts of the Great Lakes as well as focusing on the Great Lakes ecosystem and economies. Please note that the Great Lakes Marathon Series can only be accomplished by running the 26.2 mile distances offered by each event. Races run at any other distance will not count towards the completion of the race series.

To Find out more click here

Grandma's Marathon Website

Here's What Bob Gustafson had to say about it.

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