Here's another race to help you prep for Grandma's Marathon this summer: the Earth Day Fun Run! It's entirely free and there's a fun twist on it, too.

This follows the exciting news that another Grandma's Marathon race is back to normal this year. The Fitger's 5K is back to normal capacity this year after years of COVID-related changes.

This also follows news that this year's big races for Grandma's Marathon weekend were filling up at a record pace! In February, it was announced that while there were still spots available at that time, they were filling up faster than ever before.

Now, with the race just a few months away, people are hard at work training for it. If you're like me, you just enjoy running the short races around the area. Now, there's another one you can take part in!

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Early Wednesday morning (April 13), Grandma's Marathon announced the Earth Day Fun Run. The race is completely free and is in honor of the holiday. It takes place on Sunday, April 24th.

The race will bring awareness to Earth Day and will be zero-waste. That means you will need to bring your own water bottle. Grandma's Marathon will supply the water and you will not be able to get a cup there, hence the zero-waste aspect of the race.

Those that take part in the race will get the chance to be part of a clothing swap as well. This will take the place of the finisher shirts that are offered when one takes part in a race. You can bring one old running shirt from a race and swap it for a shirt someone else brings. You can also choose to donate it instead.

The race will start at 9 a.m. and will kick off at the Grandma's Marathon office. The office address is 351 Canal Park Drive. The run will be about three miles and will loop you around the area before you return to the office to finish the race.

You can get more details on the official Facebook page for the race, including any updates that are given prior to the race.

In case you missed it, Jim Greenfield was inducted into the Grandma's Marathon Hall Of Fame. He was a volunteer for decades and grew to have many different roles within the race.

If you are planning to the run the race or watch runners, you can get a little taste of the forecast prior to the event. How? There are average weather conditions on race day and they don't vary too much!

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