In an email, Zach Schnieder, PR for Grandma's Marathon said the half-capacity races have been filled for in-person racing.

For the full and half marathons, that limit was 4,000 participants. For the 5K, the limit was 1,500. There are virtual and charity options to race, and if the restrictions for the weekend races are lifted there will be more openings. For right now the races are full.

Grandma's will be in touch with local health partners about the possibility of re-opening registration to more people. When and if that happens Grandma's Marathon said they would have a big announcement by late January early February to let people still interested in getting in to register.

I spoke about the virtual option before and there are many openings for that if people want to be a part of the event or collect the t-shirt. There are also some 15 charity options to run in the race. If you want either option you can click here to register. 

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There is also a cancellation plan, just in case the events need to be canceled this year too. By the time Grandma's Marathon weekend happens, there could be worse conditions, or with the vaccine coming out there could be a chance that the weekend could go up to larger participation.

There are other races that the Young Athletes Foundation offers too. All the races are listed on the Grandma's Marathon website.

PR and Marketing Director Zach Schneider told Fox 21 that you can go by the way of a charity, and if you hit your fundraising goal, the entry then is free and you can also become part of the Marathon.

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