Gordy's Gift and Garden Center held back some trees this year to help people affected by COVID-19 cutbacks, furloughs, and low-income.

When I talked to Gordy on the phone he told me he knew sales were soft and thought it may be because people have been hit hard with losing their jobs or cut back in hours. He also knows there are a lot of families in need this year that are struggling. Gordy told me he wanted to help and make Christmas festive for everyone.

He held back some trees and is giving them out, free of charge, to families and individuals who have been affected by the hard times and maybe can't afford them. We are getting out the word, if you can't afford a tree this year because things are tight, go and see Gordy's Gift and Garden Center on the Miller Trunk and pick one up. Tell them you read about it from this radio station.

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Gordy told me that his customers have always taken care of him and he is merely paying it forward to people that need to keep Christmas somewhat normal. He has had a slower year too but wanted to help people have a Merry Christmas.

Again, if you can't afford one because you are on hard times, please take advantage of this generous offer from Gordy and his family to keep the Christmas Traditions going in your house. This truly illustrates how our community looks after its own people. How when we stick together we are stronger.

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