I use Google+ and like it. It's more selective, and I like that too. Is is better than Facebook? Yes and no. At this point, Facebook is better for business purposes, but  Google+ (for me anyway) is better  for personal use.

My fear is that people are so use to Facebook, Google+ might not gain quick acceptance or be given a fair chance.  Try to get an invite, or wait until it's available for all, and check it out for yourself.



It's been exactly one month since Google+ made its debut. The social network was designed to be more than just Google's response to Facebook. It's "an extension of Google itself," as Google SVP Vic Gundotra told us before launch. After the failure of Google Wave and Google Buzz, Google+ is the search giant's last best chance to grab a piece of the social-networking pie.

via Google+ one month later: What’s next?- Technology Live - USATODAY.com.