A change in privacy policy now has the Google search engine tracking your web visits.

Google is changing its privacy policy to allow it to track users across services.

The company says beginning March 1, it is turning its more than 60 different privacy policies into one policy that will cover multiple products and features to a create a “simple and intuitive” experience.

The changes mean that there is no easy "opt-out" module.

Google says it may combine information users have provided from one service with information from other services to better tailor search results and advertising.

But critics are concerned that Google is not providing a way to opt out of the tracking. The chief executive of nonprofit advocacy group Common Sense Media issued a statement calling Google’s new privacy announcement “frustrating and a little frightening.” He said consumers, especially kids and teens, should have the option to opt out.

Google Overhauls Privacy Policy to Track Users Across Services « VOA Breaking News.