Think of it as going to a sporting event or having to wait in line at Christmas time. You don't want to be sick when you go to the store, The same applies to vote. Make sure you don't have symptoms of flu, cold, or viral infection.

The CDC recommends you have all the documentation you need done and written out, signed, or whatever else you need to do when you get there. This way you aren't in the building longer than you have to be and sitting at a table with many people. Information on what you need to vote, like what documents and ID a person needs to vote in the U.S. presidential election is available here.

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Healthline says you should know the layout. Look into the room you get the ballots, get know where you can go to vote in the room. Obviously, voting poll places will have things laid out safely, but when you pack a lot of people in there you need to pay attention to where you can go to break away.

Medical News Today says to get there early, work won't mind if you come in a half-hour late if you pre-arrange so you can vote. Make sure you wash your hands before and after voting or have a hand sanitizer in your car. Wear a mask at all times inside the building. Really, you should anyway, it's the State Mandate.

Medical News Today says bringing your own black pen to the polling place is a good idea then you limiting the number of things you touch that others have touched before you. Check ahead of time, or ask when you arrive, some polling stations don't allow that.

Healthline adviser Dr. Angela Bell said it's not a bad idea to wear comfortable shoes, bring one of those fold-out chairs that you can carry on your shoulder if you have to go when it's busy.

Practice what you have been doing already, wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay 6ft apart. Make sure you get out and vote!

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