You both love the pet and you both want to take the pet home and be the full-time owner. So, how do you settle the argument?

Claussen Hassen says there is no pet custody law, but there is a way to settle it. There's a couple of questions to ask. When did you get the pet? There are two kinds of pets and the answer will make it easy how you classify the pet. Is it marital or non-marital?

Here's how to tell, did you get the pet when you were married or did you have it before the marriage. If that is the case, the pet will go with the person who purchased them. If you got the pet while you were married, then the courts decide and each person can present why they should be the one to take home the pet, or why the pet should live with them.

Gilbert Alden Barbosa says there are many things to consider but the judge considers where the pet should live with the same questions they ask for where a child should live. The environment, the size. A huge dog and one of the people are moving to a small apartment, might not be right. They also consider other living conditions, like if they eat a lot they may be placed with the person who makes more.

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One thing they do consider with pets more than children is sometimes they allow the pet to choose, whomever the pet goes to without being called. Very rare but it happens. The best thing to do is ask the court if you can have the pet and then present a case with pictures of why you should. If you do the work, you will convince the judge.

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