The National Chain is bringing back their Free Fries Friday with at least a $1 or more on their app every Friday through June 28, 2020, according to Chew Boom.

Obviously McDonald's is promoting its mobile app, and this is the only way to take advantage of this special deal of medium fries free. McDonald's has some good Friday ideas by offering deals on their fish sandwich during lent when certain religions can't eat meat on that day.

So here's how to go about getting your free medium fries, first find out which locations are participating. The reason I bring that up is because of the story of some chain stores that don't have enough fries to keep up according to with the potato shortage. Also, not all stores have the same ownership.

The next step is to download the app and register, you will have to put in your name and things. You can store a means to pay for it too. I have the app and I did that so that ordering and paying go so much quicker, but If you are on the squeamish side you can put it in every time you order. You have to pay with a card because the order has to be paid for on the app.

Thrillest says go to the "deals" section and click the button describing the option. remember one free medium fry per registered user.

McDonald's in the Twin Ports area are serving drive-thru, but I recommend parking in the mobile service area once your order is sent, or order from the designated area and they will bring it to you using McDelivery.

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