Kiss bassist Gene Simmons appeared on Fox News Channel’s ‘Fox & Friends’ and the hot topics The Demon touched on included the 2012 election, President Obama, who he supported in 2008, and of course, a Gene business endeavor in the form of his Rock & Brew bar that’s launching near the Los Angeles Airport.

During the discussion, Simmons offered his endorsement to one-time Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney as opposed to Obama. The bassist was point blank asked who is the stronger candidate, Romney or Obama, replying, “Mitt Romney.” Mind you that Romney has not yet landed the GOP’s nomination, yet.

“The reason sometimes Republicans get in — including the Senate, House and presidency — is because Americans, smartly, and I applaud them for doing so, vote on the issues and not the party,” said Simmons. “I’m an American. I want both parties to appeal to me, and then I’ll make my educated decision. Sometimes you’re right, sometimes I’m wrong.” So Simmons isn’t pledging allegiance to any party. He votes according to the issues facing the country and which candidate is best equipped to deal with them.

He continued, “America should be in business and it should be run by a businessman. That’s my philosophy.” Well, if there is anyone who is a consummate and smart businessman, it’s Simmons, the master of branding. He further said, “America is a business. If you can’t afford to do something, no matter how much bellyaching everybody does – I’m so sorry, if you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t do it.”

Um, Gene, do you think maybe you want to run for the highest office in the country? Could you be the leader of the free world or the Commander-in-Chief? We could envision the Kiss logo embossed on the Oval Office carpets.

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