Fans of the 1970's irreverent TV program The Gong Show will remember Gene Patton by a different name:  Gene Gene The Dancing Machine.  Patton passed away today at the age of 82 due to complications from diabetes.

Patton was working as a stage hand at the studio where Chuck Barris spoof-fest was taped.  One afternoon, Barris noticed Patton dancing oddly backstage.  In a moment of creativity, the unknown stagehand was thrust into the spotlight and the rest was history.  Fans loved Gene Gene The Dancing Machine - as he came to be known.  And, Patton was a perfect time filler for those episodes where the producers ran short.

In recent years, Patton lost both of his legs to the disease the took his life.  You can read more about Gene Gene The Dancing Machine / Gene Patton by clicking here.


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