They give their all so that we can live the life we too often take for granted.  Serving in the United States military is both an honor and a sacrifice. This can be especially noticeable and impactful when our military veterans come home and no one is there to honor their service.

A situation like this exists, and local veterans groups are hoping that the Northland community rallies to prevent it from happening.

The funeral for veteran Donald Francis Wells is scheduled to happen Friday, July 22 at 12 Noon, at the Duluth State Cemetery north of Duluth on Highway 53.  Donald "served his country honorably and has absolutely no family" to attend the funeral.

That's why local veterans organizations have started a campaign to make sure that this honorable veteran isn't alone at the time of his funeral.  The West Duluth American Legion Post #71 in West Duluth has taken to their Facebook page to help spread the word and assure that there are people in attendance.

Their invite is simply said, but poignant:

"Let's not let this soldier be laid to rest without having a presence of fellow veterans and community.  I would ask 'what happened in this soldiers life to have no family or friends?' He may have been alone in life, let's not let him be buried alone!"

The Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery is located at 4777 US Highway 53 in Saginaw; although, many would think that it's in Duluth - as it's driveway and approach is accessed off of Highway 53 north of Duluth, between Solway Road and Caribou Lake Road. The cemetery is relatively new, with it's first veteran being laid to rest in November 2018.

Along with this location in the Northland, Minnesota has three State Veterans Cemeteries; the other two are in Little Falls and Preston.

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