It's almost as if consumer food shopping traits were like a pendulum - swinging back and forth with no middle ground.  After decades of advertising and marketing made grocery shoppers aware of the contents of the processed food they were consuming, there's been a growing trend toward organic and "raw" foods.  Now, it appears like big money is about to be spent to drive that swing back the other way.

In response to what they feel are mediocre sales, two major food organizations, The American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) and Frozen Food Roundtable (FFR), signed a $50 million advertising deal with two ad agencies, including ad giant McCann Erickson.

The frozen food organizations represent some of the largest companies in the United States such as H.J Heinz, ConAgra, Kellogg Co, Nestle USA and Walmart.

The message:  frozen food is just as nutritious - if not more nutritious - than raw or non-frozen groceries.

Get ready as the frozen food industry delivers the message that their products are most-often flash-frozen within hours from their initial harvest, as opposed to the fruits and vegetables you find in the produce section.  Industry officials offer that while those non-frozen varieties are often presented as being better for you, they've been bounced around in  the back of delivery trucks, lack proper storage, and tend to start losing their nutrients the moment they were picked.

Expect to see the ads in media sources by the middle of this year.


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